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A good day to reflect on service. ...

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We passed important criminal justice reform this year and one of our innovative leaders is my good friend Representative Leslie Herod. Check out her video to help Voter Registration efforts with none other than @Common.
Someone else makes a cameo appearance.
#Vote2019 #YourVoiceYourVote

Leslie Herod on Twitter
“Grammy award winning artist, philanthropist and activist @common teams up with Representative Herod to remind Coloradans to vote—even those on parole. RT and RETURN your ballot in today! #govotecolorado #vote #common #felonyvoting #parolevoting @ACLUofColorado @ccjrc #coleg t.co/ZJz7E7W...

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Today is a hopeful day. In exactly one year, we will hold our National Vote.
Don't get me wrong. This Tuesday's vote is important. A Yes vote on Prop CC will dramatically change what Colorado can do to improve our Education system, Infrastructure and Transportation options.
Great local candidates and Prop DD too.
(Please go take your ballot to an election box)

But..Nov 3, 2020 has me Giddy !

We will have the ability to send this President where he belongs, Obscurity. Just a blip on the screen, an outlier data point. We will save the soul of America and start again.
So, enjoy your day, do something positive, whatever that may be and Take heart.
Our day is coming - Nov 3, 2020

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